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Promotion and Branding Guidelines

International & Local Sorority Branding Guidelines

International Logos

The official sorority international logos are the coat of arms, a.k.a. the Shield and the current Administration, The Launching New Dimensions of Service, logo. In addition, there are several symbolic logos associated with each international program. These logos should be used when creating chapter correspondence, written communication, reports, flyers, etc.

When using the coat of arms with the administration logo, always place the coat of arms to the left and the administration logo placed to the right or below. No more than two sorority logos should be used at a time.

The registered symbol (®) should always be used following the words Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated ®.

Regional Logo

The North Atlantic  does not have an official regional logo, however the current regional director reserves the right to have an administrative logo to reflect her administration.

Chapter Logos

Our chapter and foundation logos are used to be effective tools to brand our local programs and events. The chapter logo should never superseded or replace the sorority's coat of arms and initiative program logos on program related publications. Regional and Chapter logos should always be placed to the right or below the sorority's coat of arms.

The chapter should use no more than two sorority logos on any single web page, flyer, banner, poster, etc.

The name of the sororiy should always appear before the chapter name. Example: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. ®, Rho Mu Omega Chapter

Special Chapter / Foundation Logos
Special Logos created for events can also be used to effectively promote and brand chapter/foundation activities or events that will be ongoing throughout administrations.

Chapter Administration Logo
The chapter administration logo is used on Rho Mu Omega chapter events/activities and agendas. Placement of this logo helps to identify what administration the event occurred.

Foundation Logo
The Foundation is the fundraising arm of the chapter. It's logo is to be used on publications and materials promoting fundraising events in conjunction with Rho Mu Omega Chapter.

The official heading/billing for all DC Pearls III Foundation FUNDRAISING events:
DC Pearls III Foundation, Inc
in conjunction with
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. ®, Rho Mu Omega Chapter

[hosts or presents]

The official heading/billing for all Rho Mu Omega PROGRAM events:
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. ®,Rho Mu Omega Chapter
in conjunction with
DC Pearls III Foundation,  Inc.
[hosts or presents]

The official heading/billing for all collaboration events with the three DC Chapters (chapters are listed in order by charter):
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. ®
Xi Omega, Xi Zeta Omega and Rho Mu Omega Chapters
of Washington, DC
[hosts or presents]

Design & Layout

When creating flyers or promotional materials for events, all pertinent information should be visually presented at-a-glance. Therefore, please be sure to include the following information:
  • Host(s) of the Event
  • Location (Name and/or Address of venue)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Event Point of Contact
  • Ticket Information
  • Brief caption or description of event
  • Collaborators or Partners
Note: Approval of flyers by the Marketing committee is not required for collaborative or joint events with other chapters and/organizations when the flyers are not created by Rho Mu Omega or DC Pearls III Foundation.

Flyer Approval Process

Should you choose not to submit a request to the Marketing Committee and would like to create your own event flyer, please adhere to the process for approval.
  1. Once the flyer has been created, the flyer should be submitted to the Committee Chair to approve final content of document.
  2. After approval has been given by the committee chair, it should be sent to the Marketing Committee for editing & proofing.
  3. All edits and/or recommendations will be submitted back to the committee chair or creator of the flyer to modify.
  4. Upon final approval from the committee chair and Marketing Committee, the document should be sent to the Protocol Chairman and the Basileus for approval to post and distribute.
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